2. Black Budget Operations of Pentagon

Secret developments of non-lethal energy technologies, and behavioral experiementation

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Part I (publications/warnings)

The US military and Intelligence (CIA) have had functioning operations, for decades, that are termed Black Budget Operations (****), who’s budgetary disclosures are either hidden, or are not manditory for congressional oversight. There has long been a gray area concerning the destinations, or operations that use such allocations of undisclosed money.

That gray area has resulted in many books, investigative reporting, as well as far fetched, and almost imaginative literature, but concerning the topic herein, namely technologies developed for the battlefield, and behavior influence, the gray, may become less gray, when considing the two authors cited above, as well as titles within the bibliography linked below.

Secret developments of non-lethal energy technologies, and   behavioral experiementation, include using ground based as well as satellite delivery (see Begich titles***). The use of  unwitting civilians, in dailt life, will, and to this writers knowlegde, has, included (effected) many areas of american life. The use of  businesses, neighborhoods, schools, families, transportaion, city and county government,  goes beyond the hospitals,  scientists and researchers, hired for such funded developments, and even includes law enforcement at the local level. There are few authors, media, or investigators of any authority, willing, or able to, commit any energies to uncovering these atrocious excercises by US Intelligence and the military. The numbers of people effected, the numbers of unwitting citizens used, is a very gray area, and will remain so, as long as our sitting politicians, media, and laww enforcement, are hampered, or intimidated, by the structure of censorship and control, set in place by the Pentagon and Department of Defense. Some indication as to how deeply disturbing the current situation is, can be known in the fact that the US government has not had a proper investigation of such activities, since the mid to late 70s, during the Church Committee, and Senate Hearings, aimed at misconduct by the CIA (2).   

Today, the only expression of concern at the federal level has been from failed attempts by legislators, such as Dennis Kucinich, who in a bill, called for bans on spaced based weapons(3), Language in the Bill included references to technologies capable of interfering with human mental functioning.  Conversely, there has also been, in this writers assessment, a large campaign, using the internet, to make such claims of unwitting test subjects of the above stated research, seem similar to the UFO abductee phenomena, or at least unbelieved by a public, thus covering up real atrocities through false websites, fantastic claims, which are fake accounts by the 1000s (search gang stalking or remote neural monitoring and mind control victims, organized stalking victms/blogs) .

These internet resources, websites, blogs, foundations, and some fake organization with stated goals to help victims, serve as a distraction for, as well as a venue for harassment of, an unknown number of unwitting subjects of non-lethal weapons and energies technologies. They also represent a flood of information and misinformation, within the mind control realm, which serves to drown much of any legitimate, scientific, and or authoritative works concerning the reality of the perverse, corrupt and incredibly unethical uses of these technologies by our military and intelligence (CIA), in the name of research.  

This reality highlights a military, a Department of Defense, and branches of intelligence (including the CIA), all of which are in continual breach of the nuremburg code. The scientists medical doctors, and employees, operation specialists all commit crimes that reduce the unwitting human subjects to a tool, a toy, a human specimen for a pure, but grotesque science.  

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